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Healing for Survivors

of Human Trafficking is rarely a clean, linear process.

The average survivor leaves “the life” seven times before walking through to full recovery.

We believe the most effective recovery and restoration
process for survivors is multi-phased. 
There are four key phases, though it is not uncommon for a survivor to repeat phases multiple times before progressing to full recovery. 

Restoration Process

adapted from 5 Sparrows

Restoration Process GB graphic.jpeg

we serve survivors primarily in the Relief and Stabilization phases of recovery. These first two phases of recovery are key in every survivor’s journey to healing. Our goal is to serve as an on-ramp to long-term healing. We do this through 24/7 Survivor Crisis Response, long-term case management, and personalized restoration planning.
Once a survivor's basic needs have been met, our team works with them individually to create a restoration plan that fits their specific needs. Each survivor's long-term plan may look a little different depending on their specific needs, but our team is committed to creating a plan that will enable each and every survivor to walk into full freedom.


Our goal is to provide a path, clear of obstacles, that enables survivors to walk into full recovery.

We cannot walk the path for them, but we can help clear the way.

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